Our Story

My name is Michele Campbell and I’ve been an interior designer for 30 years. I have always approached design a bit out-of-the-box and feel it’s super important to create atmospheres in which people can enjoy surrounding themselves in ways that their everyday lives may not bring them. I live in Mt Adams and feel lucky to have a cool house in a cool town! That got me thinking, and I decided that I could let others enjoy this extraordinary environment a couple of nights each month, and with that rental money, I would in turn go to a local boutique hotel and enjoy a spa weekend! What started off small quickly became busier! The feedback from my guests inspired me to take the next step and start creating other great Airbnb spaces for guests to enjoy and not have a typical “Cincinnati house” experience. 

I then enlisted my better half, Tim Mallory, and together we’ve created some very cool spaces! Being a designer has allowed me to have access to unique home items, flooring, lighting etc. Our Airbnb places have combined to become Red Whale Enterprises. (“The Red Whale” happens to be a little vacation place that Tim and I rented when we were very new into our relationship and we feel like it’s the place we fell in love, therefore…we decided to make it the name of our venture!) We strive to create surroundings that bring joy, coolness, creativity and peace into people’s lives during their busy vacations or business travels. As an added bonus, we’ve even had an academy award-winning movie producer rent with us for various weeks over the summer while shooting a big movie in Cincinnati! We’ve also had Proctor and Gamble shoot a commercial in one of the Airbnb rentals, and we’ve been approached numerous times from other companies wanting to do their catalogs or photo shoots in the rentals. It makes us so happy when guests can enjoy what we’ve created. We’re loving every minute of the ride!!!!

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