The Red Whale Story


Welcome! I’m Michele Campbell, the founder of Red Whale Rentals and devoted enthusiast of Cincinnati. After a 30+ year career in high-end interior design, and creating special spaces for my local clients in their home bases, and vacation homes away, I’ve developed a passion for creating unforgettable memories and experiences inspired by beautifully unique environments and spaces.

I found a great need for beautiful, aspirational and unique spaces here that connect with the vibrant and renewed energy of the city that I know and love, and wanted to share that with my special guests. I feel great pride for the growth and innovation that Cincinnati has experienced in recent years and wanted to provide a platform for visitors to enjoy this first hand, by providing them exceptional accommodations during their time in the Queen City. The reactions on our guests’ faces when they turn the key and step into the space they are spending their next days to come in, is an indescribable feeling and the reason Red Whale exists. Our mission is to provide exceptional experiences, and enhance Cincinnati-grown memories through the beauty and excitement of the spaces our guests look forward to returning to.

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